Finding the Perfect Owl Lamp

Perhaps you fervently collect owl items, or you just love the idea of an owl lamp; either way, there are many owl lamp items out there for you to get your hands on! Owl themed home furnishings like lamps are often beautifully crafted, unique and magical to behold, as owls are often linked to things of a literary or mysterious nature, as well as fine intelligence and wit. An owl lamp is perfect for a child’s bedroom, and is equally at home in a lounge room.

Different Owl Lamp Designs

An owl lamp may have the base shaped as an owl (or two owls, or an owl in a tree), with a standard lamp shade, or it could an owl design on the lamp shade, with a simple base.

The All-White Owl Lamp:

It is a trend at the moment in the crafting world to create all-white home items or refashion old items by hand painting or spray-painting them white. Most neutral color in gloss or matte white finish looks stunning as part of an eclectic décor. A lovely white owl lamp is no exception, and there are many available on the market. A starting point for this search could be via Etsy, and other crafty such as owl necklace and owl ring, boutique stores online.

Porcelain Owl Lamp:

A classic lamp base material, porcelain is beautiful, easy to clean and it fits in well with most décors. Many vintage owl lamp styles will be made from porcelain.

Ceramic Owl Lamp:
Another style to consider would be a ceramic owl lamp.  Unpainted, ceramics have an earthy, porous texture and look best in a creative yet down-to-earth style of home. When finished – or painted – the ceramic lamp can take on many forms, from slick, glossy and stylish to wonderfully and eccentrically retro.

Hand-carved Wood Owl Lamp:

A popular 1960s lamp style uses a chunky minimal owl shape as a lamp base. An alternate style of carved wooden lamp base is the highly detailed carved owl sculpture; perhaps of a knobbly tree with an owl perched high in the branches, or a meticulous sculpture of a owl with wings outstretched. It is likely that these one-off hand-carved art pieces would be quite expensive to buy, or commission to buy.

Owl Lamp Shades:

There are literally thousands of different owl lamp shade designs available on the internet. From the sophisticated, etching-like scenes of an owl in a tree at night, to the whimsical, to the brightly colored and bold children’s owl lamp shades. The owl lamp shade could be the only owl element of your lamp, or it could be yet another owl feature, for maximum owl-overload!

Usually made from owl-print fabric, some clever screen-printed designs actually allow parts of the design to shine brighter than others when the lamp is turned on, to great effect. Fabric lampshades are generally in the standard table lamp shade shape and occasionally a chic cylindrical shape. Not all owl lamp shades are made from fabric however; some are leadlight or painted glass, specialized paper such as French cotton rag paper, or even metal.


What does an Owl Symbolize

Do we know, what does an owl symbolize?

What does an owl symbolize? Many of us have asked this question often, given that we are surrounded with owl motifs and owl symbols all around us. Owls have reemerged as the motif to have when it comes to jewelry, home decor, upholstery, wall decals etc. Owls have fascinated us for decades – and this fascination with this bird goes back to the early times when owls were considered to be mysterious birds, wise with the ways of the world and extremely knowledgeable.

To answer the question what does an owl symbolize, it would be safe to say that even though owls are largely benign birds, they are linked to magical practices that are not wholly benign. Owls feature a lot in voodoo, black magic and shamanism – religious rites and rituals which are not fully understood by the common man and hence deemed to be in the realm of dark magic. However, that is not a positive view to have as it is not a good practice to denounce something as bad just because it is difficult to understand. This is the same reason why owls should not be seen in a negative light as well just because they happen to be birds who roam at night and have a mysterious countenance. What does an owl symbolize? Well many things actually.

So what does an owl symbolize? In many cultures it is significant of wisdom, in others, it is a well known mascot for education. Owls are often referred to as wise, a motif which is common in cartoons children watch and stories that are written. Owls are also considered ominous creatures which bring portents of negative news though if Harry Potter is to be believed, owls are messengers of letters written by wizard headmasters! Owls also symbolize prophecy and in the Egyptian culture they are looked upon as guardians of the dead who protect the souls and guide them to the afterlife with wisdom.

When talking about what does an owl symbolize we must also consider that it is a common feature to see an owl depicted along with the Greek goddess of intelligence, art, literature, wisdom and military victory. She is the daughter of the God Zeus and her roman counterpart is Minerva. She is always depicted as with an owl for this reason – that it symbolizes wisdom. The owl is a very majestic bird to look at as well. There are numerous species of owls, some no bigger than your palm even when they are fully grown and some with a wingspan up to more than 4 feet. It is simply wonderful how keen the hearing ability of these birds is and it is again a wonder how sharp their vision is. They can cut through the stillness of a winter night in a flash to pick out a rat hidden in the depths of a muddy hole amidst tall grass. Another wondrous thing about owls is that they can rotate their heads 360 degrees, which is fascinating to watch.

White Owl Lamp is a Good Gift

A white owl lamp is a good gift

A white owl lamp is a great gift for all occasions. Not only does it look elegant and beautiful but it also ensures that your home lights up with a very different motif, and a white owl lamp is also considered auspicious – something that would blend in well with the goodwishes of a gift.

An owl is a symbol of many things. It is a bird that is often featured along with the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, intelligence and art – Athena, and is considered by the Egyptians as a guardian of the souls of the departed. The owl is long considered to be a symbol of extreme wisdom and education and it is a common motif used by schools in their brochures and a common way to depict wisdom without saying so explicitly. An owl is also a motif that is associated with black magic, voodoo and shamanism however, that is not to say that it is a negative figure, rather, since the bird is shrouded in mystery and is one which is active at night, people tend to focus on the fact that they would be associated with something that is dark and not wholly benign.

However, the owl itself is a quirky bird and is quite a delightful one. they come in all sizes – from the tiny owlet – not be mistaken for a baby owl – to the large eagle owl with a wingspan of over 5 feet, the owl has many faces. The white owl is considered in India to be a symbol of good luck and auspicious especially for monetary wealth. Therefore the white owl is worshipped and paid homage to because it is also considered to be the mount of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. Therefore a white owl lamp makes even more sense to have at home or to gift someone.

The most popular white owl lamp is usually the ones made of ceramic. You can also get them in marble and they look fantastic. Sometimes they are faceted so that they throw out little quenelles of light all over the room. indeed they can be artfully crafted in such a manner so as to effectively light up the room with a brilliant pattern when a bulb is lit within them. You can also have the lampshade cresting the owl’s head, however n authentic white owl lamp will be one which has the light source affixed to the inside of the body and glows as a whole.

A white owl lamp can go with any kind of decor and adds the right amount of kitsch to a room. it is the best deal if you want a budget gift idea – though you also get them in expensive marble, you can always find one which is pretty yet fits your pocket. Buy one for the house to accessorize your living room with. Or buy one for a friend who has been looking for a reason to smile. There is no great reason to buy a white owl lamp really, if you come across one, just pick it up!